Easy Steps for Citizens and Foreigners to Create a Singpass Account

Easy Steps for Citizens and Foreigners to Create a Singpass Account

Singpass, Singapore’s digital identity system, is a game-changer for citizens and foreigners alike. With over 4 million users accessing 1,700 services yearly, it’s a vital tool for everyone. Here’s a guide for both citizens and foreigners to set up a Singpass account.

What is Singpass?

Singpass, short for Singapore Personal Access, is a secure login that lets citizens and foreigners access many government services using one username and password.

Singpass Benefits:

  1. Security: Better protection for your data.
  2. Convenience: Use one set of login details for various services.
  3. Accessibility: Access services like CPF registration, e-toll tag purchase, and tax filing.

Singpass for Foreigners:
Foreigners can get a Singpass Foreign User Account (SFA) to access selected services. This is needed for things like applying for a Work Permit.

Eligibility for SFA:
Foreigners without a Singapore ID can apply, including former citizens or PRs, cancelled work pass holders, and those with an existing IRAS Tax reference number.

How to Register for SFA:

  1. Prepare:

    • Have a valid ID (e.g., passport).
    • Provide a working email address.
    • Know your existing tax reference number.
  2. Activation:

    • Fill out the Singpass Foreign User Account form at https://www.singpass.gov.sg/home/ui/register/instructions.
    • After approval, follow the email link to get your SFA ID and download the Singpass App.
    • Install the app, use the provided ePin, and set your password.
    • Congratulations! Your SFA via Singpass App is ready.

Singpass Apps:
Official apps are available for Android and iOS. Download them from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Additionally, there’s a third-party app called IBSA on iOS, but you need an existing Singpass account.

Setting up your Singpass is easy, and it opens doors to various services in Singapore for both citizens and foreigners.

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