Warranty and Payment Policies

License Warranty Policy

  1. Individual Warranty Periods:
    • Each license comes with a separate warranty period.
    • If any license encounters issues during this period, we will assess it before proceeding with a replacement.
  2. Timely Replacement:
    • If a license experiences problems within the warranty period, we promptly replace it.
    • Please note that warranty is not valid if the period has expired or if the issue arises from the buyer’s device.

Other Service Warranty Policy

  1. Service-Specific Warranty:
    • The warranty duration varies for each service.
    • If any service encounters issues during its warranty period, it will be addressed and resolved.
    • Unforeseen circumstances may occasionally cause slight delays.
  2. Device-Related Issues:
    • Warranty is not applicable if the problem results from the buyer’s device.

Product Delivery Process

  1. Digital Delivery:
    • As our services are digital, all products are delivered via email.
    • Please ensure you provide the correct email address during order placement.
    • If an incorrect email address is provided, kindly contact us promptly.

Warranty Support Process

  1. Remote Support:
    • During the warranty period, if a customer faces any issues, we offer remote support.
    • It is mandatory to have the customer’s device accessible via tools such as TeamViewer, Anyviewer, or Anydesk.
  2. Product Details:
    • Before ordering, please review the details of each product carefully.

Payment Policy

  1. bKash Online Payment:
    • No additional charges apply for bKash online payments.
  2. aamarpay Payment Gateway:
    • If using the aamarpay gateway, a prescribed charge of 2.50% will be added.
  3. Manual Payment:
    • For bank payments, no extra charges apply.
    • For mobile banking, the following prescribed charges apply:
      • bKash: 1.80%
      • Nagad: 1.15%
      • Rocket: 1.60%
      • Upay: 1.00%

Reserve the Right

Riaans Academy reserves the right to modify any information or terms as needed.

Note: You are going to order by accepting the terms and conditions, no allegation will be accepted without the conditions. 📝

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